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DataPower Extension Functions

It dove into the world of Datapower contexts and what I call the ‘magic’ XSLT functions that datapower adds on. I consider things like dp:prioritiy, dp:variable to be a part of these add-ons. Example: Printing the headers you can access them via: dp:variable(“var://service/header-manifest”) When there are multiple match rules in rules, it is “one and […]

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“What’s New in WebSphere DataPower v3.6.1”

Since I’m extremely pro-Datapower, I felt it would be an effective use of time to attend and maybe it’ll push me over the top on my certification. I found a link about the features on the IBM Support site. Multistep v3 processing: Mediations. Configurable QoS SOAP 1.2 Reliable Messaging WS-Policy WS-I Profile enhancements Db2 v9 […]

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IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances Part IV: Management and Governance

Redpaper, published: Wed, 23 Apr 2008

– Monitor DataPower with IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for SOA
– Integrate Websphere Registry and Repository with DataPower
– Manage configurations on multiple DataPower devices

IBM® WebSphere® DataPower® SOA Appliances represent an important element in the holistic approach of IBM to service-oriented architecture (SOA).

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Addenddum to DataPower Parallel Invocation Support

Thanks to ‘the internet’ for letting me know that in the 3.6.1 revision of the firmware, DataPower can now invoke multiple endpoints in parallel. It introduces a new syncpoint action that will allow you to wait for the responses to come in. I’m still giddy about the prospect of an integration ‘server/appliance’ that actually introduces […]

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WebSphere DataPower vs WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus

Yesterday, I blathered on about how great DataPower would be for usage in WebSphere Process Server. Your developer would be able to stay completely inside the Generic Business Object (GBO) data view while leveraging DataPower’s awesome ability to transform efficiently. Very neat indeed. An interesting is scenario where DataPower IS the ESB. No WebSphere Process […]

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DataPower – Proxy & Co-Processing

I’ve started reading up on DataPower in anticipation of writing the certification test in May (At the WebSphere Services Technical Conference 2008). Two of the usage scenarios that have caught my interest are ‘Proxy’ and ‘Co-processor’. In Proxy, DataPower acts as proxy to your web service . The scenario given is a website that uses […]

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