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What’s new in IBM WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus V6.1

Check out the latest features introduced into IBM WebSphere Enterprise
Service Bus V6.1 and its associated tooling, IBM WebSphere Integration Developer.
This article describes the transport protocol binding, data
bindings, and administrative and mediation support. You should have basic
knowledge of the features and functions of previous versions of WebSphere Enterprise
Service Bus to follow along with this article.

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Techniques for Managing Large WebSphere Installations

Redbook, published: Thu, 13 Mar 2008

– High availability manager and core groups
– Tuning recommendations
– Configuration best practices

As WebSphere Application Server installations grow to accommodate the growth of business processing, the question “How large can a WebSphere Application Server cell be?” is being asked more often.

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Getting Started with IBM WebSphere Business Services Fabric V6.1

Draft Redbook, last updated: Tue, 11 Mar 2008

– Discover the value of composite business applications
– Model, assemble, and deploy Fabric solutions
– Learn by example with practical scenarios

WebSphere Business Services Fabric (Fabric) is a comprehensive SOA offering that is designed to extend IBM’s business process management platform to deliver flexible composite business applications.

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