WebSphere Application Server: Non-Deterministic Error when configuring Default Messaging Activation Specs

I’m in the process of moving an application from my test server to a development server. I started creating activation specifications for my MDBs. Everything was fine. Then I tried to start my ear and received the following exception:

The JMS activation specification has invalid values – the reason(s) for failing to validate the JMS activation specification are: [CWSJR1187E: The bus name on a JMS activation specification must be given a value]

To which I went back and fixed by specifying the bus (which isn’t a required property in the UI, but thats offtopic). When I went to start my ear again, I got the same exception again. I deleted and recreated my activation specs. One of the two worked fine. I waited a few more minutes and the other worked fine.

Not sure what happened there, but if you get this kind of error after you fix the issue, you may want to restart your application server.

UPDATE: This wasn’t a non-deterministic error. My node was non-clustered but managed and automatic sync was running in the background. I just wasn’t waiting enough time between my changes and the node syncronization.

Author: dan


  1. FYI: None of the activation spec properties were originally meant to be required in the UI as they can all be specified via the activation-config properties in the MDB’s deployment descriptor if desired. I’m not quite sure how the admin team decided that some should and shouldn’t be in the end.

  2. Hi David,

    I think the problem came because I created my activation specs before I created my queue definitions. I believe the bus gets automatically populated based on the queue definitions (or maybe it’s a default, I’m unsure). What I do know is that I normally don’t specify the value and when I come back to look at it, it’s populated. Something must be fixing it for me in the background..

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