WB552: Random DataPower Thoughts Part 5

Pass-thru: Traffic is passed without execution of the service policy.

XML: Check for well-formed XML

SOAP: Checked for SOAP Message validity.

Non-XML: Treated as a binary and the service policy is executed.

Service Level Monitors need a WSDL file to be defined.

The validate action only accepts a single XSD definition or WSDL file. The question was how can you validate against multiple xsd definitions. The general answer was that you could use the WSDL file and use includes to the xsd definitions.

Filter action is used to prevent SQL injection and Virus attacks. There is also a replay attack filter that is built into the store://replay-filter.xsl

Results action can be given a Destination URL.

Firmware v3.6.0 has a bug with the wizard and XSD data definitions that are generated against a WSDL file. There is an extra element declaration contained in this file that makes it invalid. It is presumed that this issue is fixed in v3.6.1. In the course, we overwrite the bad version of the file with a good one.

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