WB552: Random DataPower Thoughts Part 4

XML Firewall is a superset of the XSL Proxy.

Web Service proxy understands more of the requirements to be a web service than the XML Firewall which only treats data as XML documents.

Web Service Proxy and Multi-Protocol Gateway are supersets of the XML Firewall. Neither suppors the loopback proxy.

Web Application Firewall: Customized XML Firewall for HTTP traffic. It does not have a document processing policy.

If you have a web service proxy and the input message isn’t well formed, then an internal error will be returned to the client. To resolve this issue, put an XML Firewall in front of the WS Proxy.

On choosing which of the services to use: “Choose less sophisticated service when there is a specific need”.

“Front-side handlers impact performance” -> This statement is currently wide-spread but it is unsure if it’s factually correct. A further conversation with IBM should be needed.

Secondary Services: HTTP service, TCP Proxy and SSL Proxy.

Beware the background image when configuring the rules. They always run left to right, but the client -> origin server arrows may appear right to left.

Service has One Policy, Mulitple Rules with Multiple Actions.

When no match rules match, the message is rejected by DataPower.

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