UPDATE: WebSphere Adapter for JDBC: Superfluous RecordNotFound Exceptions

A while ago, I posted about the WebSphere Adapter for JDBC always writing an exception to the System.out when a record could not be found. At the time, we were being told that it was not something that would be fixed in the 6.x timeframe.

Suddenly, there has been a change of heart from IBM and we have been given a patch that will remove this exception from the log.

Go figure. I guess the moral of the story is that you need to keep pressing IBM to fix problems even when they just involve the removal of a System.out.println(…).

Author: dan


  1. We have also had a PMR open for this. It is a right pain to get pages of java trace telling you a normal condition had been met (no rows, that is valid isn’t it). Has anyone tested the fix yet?

  2. We have tested it and it works 🙂 Open a PMR and support should be able to give it to you.

  3. Unfortunately, no, I don’t have a APAR number. Is support telling you that a fix doesn’t exist?

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