WB552: Random DataPower Thoughts Part 3

“Root Certificates” are implicitly trusted. The lookup chain of certificates ends at a root cert. These are stored in the pubcert directory.

sharedCert is where certificates that we share with other clients are located.

When creating a domain, you should always include default as a visible domain. This allows access to the store:// file system location. If you don’t see store, it’s because you didn’t add default.

If you see an apply button, you should click it. Click apply and close.

If op-state of a domain is not up, there is likely an error.

Format for a usergroup permission: address/domain/resource?Access=permissions&[field=value]

mgmt0, eth1, eth2, eth3 ethernet ports. Use mgmt0 for initial configuration.

Clients in user mode can generally only view data on the machine, not modify anything.

An Eclipse plug-in can be installed to manage the datapower box.

BasicAuth is used to verify the username/password to the admin services.

A single datapower box could be both inside the DMZ and outside the DMZ via the different ethernet ports.

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