WB552: Random DataPower Thoughts Part 2

DataPower XA35 (Green): XA = XML Accelerator

DataPower XS40 (Yellow): XS = XML Security

DataPower XI50 (Blue): XI = XML Integration

“SSL Termination” refers to the destination system that recieves an SSL connection.

DataPower can not participate in a two-phase commit transaction. Seems to me like this is a feature that needs to be incorporated sooner than later.

Network ports are disabled “at christmas morning” when you first take the device out of the box. Need to connect to the serial port to enable them.

Port 5550 (or 5050) is used for SOAP based XML management of the device. This can be leveraged for automated device configuration.

Default port for the Web GUI is 9090.

The web firewall and xml firewall icons in the web gui are humerous. They are quite literally a brick wall on fire. Obviously created by a graphic designer who doesn’t understand what the term ‘firewall’ means.

File directories for configuration:

config – Per application Domain; not shared. Stores configuration files for the current application domain.

export – Per application Domain, not shared. Holds any exported configuration.

local: Per application Domain, sharable. Storage space for files used by local services.
store: Systemwide and shared. Sample and default stylesheets.

temporary: Per application Domain, not shared. Temp space used for processing rules and actions.

For security:

cert: Per application domain, not shared. Stores private keys and digital certificates.

sharedcert: Systemwide and shared between app domains. Stores digital certs shared with partners.

pubcert: Systemwide. Security certificates for root certificate.

Directories for logging:

logtemp: Per app domain: File store size fixed at 13MB. Default location of log files.

logstore: Per app domain. Long-term storage for log files.

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